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    Sichuan Jianghuai power forklift company limited, is a professional engaged in fork lift trucks, excavators and other engineering machinery development and production of high-tech enterprises. Anhui Jianghuai UnionPay Heavy Engineering Machinery Company Limited ( hereinafter referred to as the heavy industry ), is a large domestic automobile group company -- Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Company Limited ( hereinafter referred to as JAC ) under the subsidiary, as JAC ...[詳細]
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Sichuan Jianghuai power forklift company limited 

AddressChengdu City gold house Hardware Electrical City 42 12
Telephone:028-61368500  028-61368600
Mobile phone:18328751552  18328751553


咨詢Q Q:522478985 電 話: 028-61368500 傳 真: 028-61368399 地址:成都市金府五金機電城42棟12號
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